Writing Tips for starting you Online Blog

Writing for your blog or website audience requires you to adapt your writing style to one suitable for the Internet.

People just don’t read online in the same manner that they read other material, ie in the way that they read a newspaper article, a book, a letter even. Why? The dynamic nature of the web would be one reason, the fact that web users are always in a hurry (they don’t turn to the web for a long drawn out session) would be another.

You need to write something that is relatively quickly digestible, that will make its impact quickly and directly. Try to put the info in a format that answers some basic questions, such as “Why”, “When”, “How”, “What” – in summary style in most cases. You’ll pick it up in time.

One of the general rules is to keep both paragraphs and pages shorts. While one line paragraphs are not the norm in most documents and writings – online its acceptable and often is the best choice.

A fair number of readers scan text first, then decide whether its worthwhile going back and reading it more thoroughly – depending on how much time they have available to them. Its absolutely necessary therefore that you pick up the knack of using language that will grab their attention, stir up their curiosity and leave them wondering.

Make the subject and style of your writing easily digestible not tough and chewy.

Of course your writing, like it or not, has to be pitched for the search engines – otherwise not many people are going to get to read it.

Actually the writing style for the Internet has quite a few similarities to the more successful Press Releases – containing those “What”, “Where”, “When” and “Why’s”. They both have to be short, sharp and sweet and attention grabbing – otherwise your writing will go the same way as most Press Releases – in the virtual bin.

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