WordPress Theme Design for Beginners

To DO or Not to DO – that is the question? In other words should beginners to blogging and building pages develop their own WordPress Themes? Not unless they have a good knowledge of and are comfortable with PHP, HTML and CSS – it would in our view, in most cases, be far too much (to ask) too soon.

Besides there’s some excellent Free Themes around (including those available through WordPress) that can be adapted and used by beginners who will find this challenge enough as beginners.

Not quite sure what we are mean when we use the word “Theme” in relation to WordPress? The WordPress Theme system is simply the way to ‘skin’ your blog. Really it is more than just a skin, as that implies that only the outside design is changed whereas WordPress Themes can provide you with much more control over the look and presentation of the material on your site.

A WordPress theme is a collection of files that work together to produce a graphical amalgamated design for a blog. They are Template Files – so the theme used modifies the way a site is displayed without changing the underlying software.

Say you cover and write about dogs and horses on your site – you will want to have each type of post looking different preferably so no confusion arises. Through the use of WordPress Lop and Template files, you can customise your dog posts to look different from your horse posts.

With the all powerful control over how different pages and categories can look like on your sites the only limitation you will really have is your imagination.

You will come across plenty of information on the use of different themes for different posts within the wealth of information to be found on WordPress.org. Note that you most certainly don’t need to limit yourself to the use of static page templates with your site. You can quite easily make things much more interesting for your readers by the use of specific templates for the separate categories, eg the dogs and horses referred to above.

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