WordPress Social Media Plugins

We think that most people who choose to create a blog are keen to share something on the web. Social media (i.e; Google +, Facebook, Twitter, …etc) has made this very fast and easy. The good news is that you can use such social media services directly from within your blog using some WordPress plugins.

Let us take a look at what plugins are there for social media that can be used with WordPress.

Note: In this article I will only emphasize Google +1, Facebook, and Twitter

Google +

If you want to use Google +1 within your WordPress blog, there is a nice plugin out there called WordPress Google +1 Button that you can access and download from here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-plus-one/

The nice thing about this blog is that for Google + users who want to share contents of your blog with their friends in different circles, they just simply click on the Google + button, just simple as this. What does this mean? This will definitely mean the ease of exposure of your blog to the community, in other words, your blog will easily go social, especially that, at the end of the day, you want readers and commenters for your blog.

Also, for this plugin to go along with your blog style, the Google + button to show on your blog has different styles and can be positioned on different locations on your blog.

It also has other nice features that you can find from the plugin’s page shown above.


If you want to enable your blog to be shared on Facebook, a nice plugin you can use is the Facebook Share (New) Button found here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/facebook-share-new/

Well, again, like Google +1 button plugin shown above, a click on the Facebook share button will be all you need to enable readers of your blog to share their content on their Facebook page. Realizing that there are many users of Facebook those days, adding such button to your blog will spread the word quickly. And, yes, will more easily for your blog to go social.

In addition to that, having this button show the number of times your post has been shared on Facebook will attract others to read this post, and most likely also, share it.


Having mentioned Google +1 and Facebook, we cannot surely forget Twitter. The plugin that you can go with here is the TweetMeme Button http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/tweetmeme/

This button will enable your blog post or blog to be retweeted, along with providing the count of retweets that have been made. As mentioned with the Facebook plugin above, this count will absolutely attract others especially when the post is having a large number count, and will most likely be shared again. And, sharing more means that you are going social faster.

Look what Pete Cashmore from mashable.com has to say about this button: “The Tweetmeme button is a fantastic way for our readers to engage with our stories and signals which posts are a hit with the Twitter community. The button has been a valuable addition to our site and consistently drives reader engagement.”

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