WordPress SEO Plugins

We put together our recommend list of essential WordPress plugins in another article but if you only could choose one type of plugin it would have to be SEO related in our opinion. if you want to get your WordPress website seen, then have a read of our recommended SEO plugins below.

All In One SEO Pack

This is a basic starter SEO plugin for beginners. It gives you the basics of SEO by allowing keywords to be used for individual pages on your website. You’ll be able to give search engines more information about your content, thereby allowing them to send more customers to your site and improve your search ranking. When this plugin has been activated in your Dashboard of WordPress you can add titles for your pages, add meta tags and descriptions of your targeted words for better SEO. For sites that have been online for some time, this tool will allow you to make modifications that will change your entire site.

Platinum SEO Pack

Users who require a more “rich” SEO experience, due to the complexity of their site, are more likely to use Platinum SEO Pack. This WordPress plugin gives users the option of 301 redirects, and allows them to manage their individual posts for a better SEO experience. 301 redirects are beneficial when you have changes to your permalinks. Users are given the option to command search engines to “not follow” and to “not index” certain specified pages. It allows for individual meta and keyword tags to be added to any page on your site. Users especially like the ability to change permalinks without losing page rank.

SEO Ultimate WordPress

This plugin is packed with features and gives users far more control over all aspects of SEO for their website. The ability to edit tags using only one screen makes it very user friendly. This can be a real time saver for those editing a site that already has a high number of posts. This makes it easier to ensure that tags, descriptions and titles are totally unique from each other. It’s one of the top “time-savers” of any WordPress plugin.

SEO by Yoast

Introduced in 2010, the SEO by Yoast, WordPress plugin is an all-in-one plugin to handle all SEO needs in your Dashboard. Once configured, your entire site will need no other SEO plugins. In the past, SEO plugins were installed one at a time. Besides being time consuming, it often caused conflicts when working in conjunction with other plugins. The preview snippet is a very popular option for users. The designer of this plugin, Yoast, also provides free support to users who experience any problems. Overall, this is a highly rated plugin for WordPress that is very user friendly.

Scribe SEO

This SEO plugin was designed specifically for blog writers. It gives users an easy introduction to SEO for their website. One feature users specifically like is the tool for keywords. It makes suggestions for the user to choose from to make content more keyword rich. This WordPress plugin gives users an analysis of their site and points out areas that will make their site more search engine friendly. With the back-linking tool users can easily build links that enables more traffic to visit their site. It also helps identify customers from websites like Facebook and Twitter. This is a power tool when building any online business or personal blog.

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