SEO for WordPress Guide

The most important part of your website is not the front page, but what you do behind the scenes to ensure the search engines find you. Our SEO for WordPress guide will help you achieve better rankings with Google and other search engines, resulting in more visitors to your site.

The title tags are an important part of your SEO strategy. These tags need to be different from what you use in a subject line. They should use phrases and synonyms so you can gain more visibility in search engines. The plugin “SEO Title Tag” will help you ensure that your title tags are optimized for your entire site. With a bit of research on your keywords and some good copy you can expect a significant increase in your traffic.

Navigation structure makes for a better visitor experience. Links to the most popular articles need to be displayed prominently, and preferably in their own category. The plugin, “Category Post” will list your most recent posts and can be configured to list posts from any category. You determine where it should pull posts from to list in your defined category. Using the plugin “Related Posts” will enable you to link to articles of a similar nature. This is another handy plugin.

A site map allows visitors a way to easily navigate your site. It makes it easier for them to find other articles you’ve written, and allows search engines to easily index everything on your site. The WordPress plugin “WP Archive-Sitemap Generator” will generate a sitemap/archive depending on the pages and posts your site contains.

Meta tags are a key component of any search engine strategy. Search engines gather site information from these tags. It then matches the words in the tags to your content and considers both when ranking your site. A good plugin for managing your meta tags is “Meta Tag Manager.” It enables you to manage meta tags that are specific to Google and Yahoo as verification tags. This is an excellent plugin for beginners to start with.

Links from other websites to your site play an important role in how you are ranked by search engines. More links to your site gives you a higher ranking. An important plugin to use is “Link To Me Textbox.” The best links to have are those that are considered natural recommendations. This plugin can have a significant affect on your rankings in a very short time frame.

ALT tags give you a powerful boost with search engines by describing your images and making your site more visible for people searching. TITLE tags are less important but allow visitors to see text when they mouse over your image.

Images on your website can play an important role in your SEO strategy. A really good plugin to optimize your images is “SEO Friendly Images.” This plugin allows you to update all images with the optimized TITLE and ALT tags. If you have not already done your TITLE and ALT tags it will do them for you automatically according to the options that you input.

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