WordPress is More than Just a Blogging Platform

There is a large number of tasks you can use WordPress for besides blogging – so do keep in mind the fact that WordPress IS NOT just a blogging tool – its far more than that.

Now you’ll realise by now that not only is WordPress the world’s best and probably most popular self-hosting blogging solution its also an open source CMS (which is great news for everyone). Frankly WP can do nearly anything, and everything, that needs to be done and can be done within a web site.

WordPress can set up a Forum, a Photo Gallery, a Web Directory, even such things as a Classified Site, a News site and so very much more. Imagine being able to use freely software suitable either for blogging, web site building etc?

Imagine the power of being able to add a Blog within another section of your web site without needing to install a separate problem or separate WordPress (because after all WP is running your entire site isn’t it? Well it should be.)

To be completely honest there’s probably multiple hundreds of things you can use WordPress for (that aren’t blogging hat is) but none of us have the time or room for it so lets just look quickly at an example or two now.

The Creation of Static Web Sites

Why use WordPress though? That’s so easy to answer – (i) speed of setup, (ii) plugins, themes etc, (iii) potential growth. With a little experience and practice you will find that setting up a WordPress web site is so very much faster than using other methods with extra scripting required too.

But that’s not all, if you were to create a static web site for someone else, all you need do is to create a log in account for them and thereafter they can do their own updating of the site without help. Try doing that with other static web sites.

The Building of Directories is another use for WP, then you could establish a Review Site or a Forum of some kind (great for Discussion Forums) or a Members Only site for example.

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