WordPress Books & DVD Suggestions

There is so much material to help WordPress Users out there – from beginners to intermediate to advanced, right through to the A1 Expert. And it’s not all on the Web either (although it may be promoted or advertised there).

Some excellent Books, some fantastic videos (including tutorials), some great seminars and groups – ALL will help you. Always keep in mind that its not only Beginners who need and benefit by help, Intermediate and Advanced users too, should always be prepared to ask, look and read.

With regards to books about the fabulous WordPress CMS and blogging platform. There’s some excellent ones (including hard cover and e-books both) but there are so many that sometimes its very difficult indeed to know which ones to invest your money and time in.

Some books concentrate on particular factors such as Theme Development, some act as Installation Guides, some specialise on code, some on subjects such as using WordPress to manage your website/s.

But so very much to wade through. So we’ll give you a little help. One of the best books for the would-be blogger – whether a rank beginner, an intermediate level (you know something and possibly are thinking of migrating your blog to WordPress), right through to the seasoned pro would be “WordPress for Dummies”. It’s not difficult to pick up and read, its fun and is literally a veritable buffet of WordPress ideas, resources, information, guides, tools and easy to follow instructions on just about everything you will want to know!

It will even teach you how to use template tags, how to set up a MySQL database, how to organise a blogroll, all about Plugins and even about using WP as a CMS (Content Management System).

The number of video tutorials open to you is just about endless. We would recommend that you do a simple Google search on the particular WordPress subject you need and go from there. Of course look to WordPress.org first.

Another good one is “Building a WordPress Blog People Want to Read”, yet another “Teach Yourself Visually” (WordPress that is).

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