What Professional WordPress Services are Available?

Many WordPress designers and consultants put themselves up for hire so it would be wise for you to first ask any prospective designers (consultants and developers) for your site to provide testimonials or some type of references. Don’t be shy about doing so as a professional will be expecting this and certainly shouldn’t object – if they do – look elsewhere.

What types of WordPress services are usually on offer that you will wish to utilise?

Well there’s a number, with the following examples by no means covering them all:

  • Custom graphic design
  • Custom Templates
  • WordPress plugin installation and integration
  • WordPress software installation for your Web server
  • Custom WordPress plugins
  • Search engine optimisation and site marketing

You may wish to use just one of these services, you may decide to use them all and more. There are people out there using services all the time so you are never alone so use those WordPress forums for recommendations and advice as to who or what may be best for you if you’re not sure. You’re never alone as there’s always someone within the WordPress community who can help.

Professional services on offer fall into three main categories:

  1. Designers
  2. Developers
  3. Consultants

No. 1 – A good WordPress designer can take a simple blog and turn it into something really stunning, dynamic and thrilling. They are experts in the field of graphic design, CSS styling and tagging. They are the people you use when you are after a unique feel for your site.

No. 2 – Developers are the experts you use when you want your code to sing! Someone who makes magic happen between PHP and your MySQL database creating a vibrant display of your content for you.

Can’t find a plugin that provides the task you want your WordPress blog to carry out? That’s a time to use a Developer.

No. 3 – Consultants – these are the people who help you reach your goals. They may not undertake the tasks you need themselves but they know where to point you.

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