Using WordPress as a CMS

While WordPress, first released in 2003, became quickly world renowned as the most popular of the blogging platforms by far it didn’t remain as just that – a blogging tool. Like all good mechanisms WordPress has evolved very much over the years, growing from a blogging platform into a fully-fledged content management system.

A fully-fledged content management system that allows anyone, who wants to utilise it, to publish any number of content types onto the Web. And allows them to do just that with very little technical ability or skill.

The fact is that because the WordPress software gets installed on your Web Server, and you get to access the back-end controls – known as the Dashboard – via a web address – its considered a web-based content management system

You could easily say, and it would be true, that a blogging platform, which allows us to publish actual content on the web, isn’t really any different from a content management system – the two really are exchangeable. Lets not get involved with arguing about the nitty-gritty when the end result is the same – it doesn’t matter.

If you haven’t already discovered it, you will very quickly find, that in the WordPress community the use of that term ‘content management system’ simply means the ability t easily publish the different types of content using just one installation of WordPress.

WordPress is much much more than just a blog builder, it enables you and I to design, built and publish a web site includes a variety of content categories such as e-commerce, forums, galleries and portfolios.

What will you be (or actually are already) using WordPress for? Just for a simple and straightforward blog? You wish to create your own website or even multiple sites? Or you wish to do both? You can do all this with WordPress but do remember to pace yourself especially if you’re a relative beginner.

It would be a shame to knock your confidence in both yourself and the wonders of WordPress by taking on too much too soon. Allow yourself to enjoy the process and to start off feeling like a winner with this great software.

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