Upgrade your WordPress Site

Just in case you’ve forgotten, or weren’t aware, WordPress releases an upgrade on its platform approximately every four months. YOU DO NEED to remain up to date, most importantly for security reasons, but obviously also so that you can take advantage of the very latest that the WordPress platform has to offer you.

There are best practices to utilise when upgrading your WordPress platform, ones that will ensure that you enjoy the best likely result with your upgrade.

You will have noticed on installing WP for the first time, the particular version number at the bottom-right hand corner of your WordPress Dashboard – so if you’ve forgotten and are looking for it, that’s where you’ll find it.

Let’s say you’ve been using your version of WordPress for a while now, quite happily, then one day when you log on you see the “WordPress VXXXX is available. Please update now”. You will also see a small notification bubble on the page.

You know now you’re using an outdated version of the platform. You don’t think you’ll bother, you’re happy with the version you have – now that might be true but don’t let that feeling lull you – YOU NEED TO UPGRADE. For security reasons mostly (as mentioned above) but also to be able to take advantage of the additional tools you will now find with the new version.

The message link at the top of your page includes two further ones that you can use to obtain more information. The first being called “WordPress 3.0.1”. Clicking on this one takes you to the WordPress Codex page which is filled with information about the version upgrade. It includes information such as:

  • Installation – Upgrade Info
  • Summary of the development cycle for the version
  • A list of files that have been upgraded and/or revised

The second link – “Please Update Now” – takes you to the Updates Page within the WordPress Dashboard, which contains that very important warning – to backup both your database and files before upgrading your version to the new version!

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