UK2 Hosting

When you host your WordPress blog with UK2 Hosting you’re in for a real treat. They boast that in 2011 they had no downtime on there servers. That’s impressive for a hosting company, and rarely do you see that kind of statement. As well, their customer support is available 24 hours a day and is staffed by people from the U.K. area. When you’re new to working online this is a real plus. Customer support plays a large role in how beginners with WordPress blogs do online. New people need someone who understands that they don’t know all the technical terms and needs extra help.

UK2 Hosting has hosting packages that start as low as 99p per month and work up from there. The basic package is a great starter for someone wanting to start their own WordPress blog. Then when your website grows, or you want to do more than one WordPress blog, you can easily move to another hosting package with no interruption in service. UK2 also offers 1-click installation of the WordPress platform, making is easy for you to be up and running in a matter of minutes. They can even help you order your domain name through ICANN.

Online Shopping Cart

When you’re ready to sell things on your WordPress blog, UK2 hosting will help you get your online shopping cart set up. The shopping cart can be scaled to your personal needs and even integrates with Facebook. Your shopping cart comes with a number of free themes to choose from and will work with every browser on the Internet. Even currency and language options are available. Using the most advanced technology, UK2 offers shopping cart security that will make your customers feel safe making any purchase from your site.

Once you have your hosting set up with UK2 Hosting and your WordPress is installed, then it’s time to head over to the WordPress website and choose the theme you’d like to use. Expect to spend some time there as they literally have thousands of free ones to choose from. Once your theme is installed then you’re ready to start working on your new blog.

UK2 Hosting Newsletter Program

If you decide you want to add a newsletter to your blog this can be set up in a matter of minutes through UK2’s automatic installation program. You’ll be able to manage subscribes as well as those who wish to unsubscribe. A newsletter can be a way to make your WordPress blog a success. Many bloggers use newsletters as a way to keep their readers informed and bring more visitors to their website.

UK2 takes all the worry out of hosting your WordPress blog. With the reliability of their servers you never have to worry about any downtime. With some of the hosting packages they even include free advertising with Google Adwords. Everything at UK2 Hosting is based around the customer and keeping them happy. This is one of the most recommended hosting companies in the UK as you can see from their customer testimonials.

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