The Growing WordPress Community

Justifiably Matt Mullenweg (the original developer or WordPress) was very proud to announce in 2005 that the number of Downloads marked up to WordPress at that stage was over the 900,000 mark BUT you can imagine what he felt in 2006 when it reached well over 1 Million, and in 2007 more than 3 Million.

A true landmark was reached when last year Microsoft transferred its 30 Million + users of Windows Live to WordPress – what an achievement, what an accomplishment and honour to such a young team.

BUT more important is that you all realise the importance of the benefits to you of being part of that wonderful WordPress Community. Those benefits include the knowledge of where to quickest find support, how to locate other WordPress users including on social networks, where to find that all important assistance from other WP users and so much more.

Even being able to participate yourself in WordPress development. Don’t think that would be beyond you – your contribution (from your viewpoint) may very well be unique. You wont really know until you do become involved.

It would be a big mistake for you to allow the sheer volume of WordPress users to overwhelm you – they’re a great bunch, very helpful and willing to guide others. Truly a community.

There’s thousands upon thousands upon thousands of sites on the Web spotlighting heaps of useful points and advice about such factors as WordPress updates, resources, training, tutorials, problems, challenges etc etc.

You’re not a community member yet? Its not hard, you don’t need to do anything fancy – just start your very own Blog using the WordPress platform.

You’re already blogging elsewhere but would rather be with WordPress? Well you’ll quickly learn folks, when you check it out that its easy to move your data with the WordPress setup.

And don’t forget the extremely useful User Manual for WordPress known as WordPress Codex.

Basically though its up to you to get, and remain, updated with each new development, tip, advice and any trick – that’s why you need to utilise sites such as this.

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