Super Cache you WordPress SIte

Even if you’ve started out with your new blog loading on at a fast pace – you’ve organised yourself to tweak it and tweaked it not just for better looks but better performance – in time it will become slow, then slower then you will notice you’re losing traffic at an ever increasing rate. Now that’s the last thing you want.

Don’t think it wont happen to you because it will – because it happens to everyone particularly when they think they’re too busy to check regularly. Remember the premium load rate is around 2 seconds. And the truth is that no one (including you and me) will wait more than 10 to 15 seconds for a page to load normally.

There’s never just one reason (or rarely) why your blog’s performance becomes slow – it could be your plugins and/or images, it could be the servers at your host. Even the size of your CSS and Javascript has a bearing on your blogs/site performance.

Your Blog’s been operating for a while, started out loading pretty fast now its slowed down considerably. Firstly check your plugins as loading too many plugins will slow things down and if you don’t really want them, delete them pronto. How many plugins do you have? More than 8 or so, study them carefully and see if instead you can integrate them directly into your theme? Worth considering especially if it will speed up the loading of your site.

One plugin that’s really worth adding though, if you don’t already have it, is the “WP Super Cache” plugin. It caches your site for that super speedy loading.

Remove too any unnecessary PHP tags. You’re bound to have unnecessary ones if you didn’t create the theme yourself – check it out.

Want to save heaps of load time – optimise both your database and images.

You can do it manually if you prefer but why not get the plugin and let it do it for you?

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