Moving your WordPress Site to another Host

You’re fed up with the service (or lack of it) and customer service that your current Hosting provides so you’re now prepared to move. Possibly they’re even going out of business soon so you have to move because you have no choice?

Whatever the reason the fact is that sometimes even if we’re happy with our Host provider for certain reasons we have to face facts and we have no choice but to move. We therefore need to transfer our web site and everything involved with it.

Transferring a Web site (its contents, its files, data etc) can be, and often is, a rather intimidating task but WordPress does manage to make it easier for its users. Giving them two ways in which to accomplish the task.

The two separate ways by which we can go about moving Hosts are – (1) being to do it through your database, downloading essential files, and (2) doing it via a Plugin, therefore automating a great deal of the process.

Which one is for you, especially if you are time-poor and stressed anyway. I know which one I prefer and it isn’t to do it manually!

We will look here at using the Plugin method (there is plenty of information available online regarding the Manual method, including on this site, at a later date).

So, let’s look at using the “BackupBuddy” plugin to back up and move to a new Host! Its not a free one, nor is it available within the WordPress Directory, but its worth every cent you pay for it and more.

Why? Because ‘BackupBuddy’ takes the entire backup and migration process and literally makes very fine mince out of it – in other words this plugin makes moving your site very easy to accomplish, seeing the job done in minutes – not hours but minutes. Not that many steps involved either.

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