Migrating your WordPress Website

Of course it’s imperative that you prepare for your big move – it can take just about any time (depending of course on the number of posts, comments etc you have on your blog) from 5 or 6 minutes to half an hour or more.

No matter where your blog is currently located it’s a BIG MUST that you need to back it up, including the following feaures:

The Archives
Any Templates
All Links
All Images, as well

Different platforms will involve the creation of different export data, so make sure you investigate this side of things before attempting any move.

You need to remember too that each blogging platform has a unique method of delivering content and data to your blog and that template tags do vary from program to program. Its true – no two are ever really the same – with each template requiring conversion IF you wish to use it in your newly created (moved) WordPress blog.

This gives you two options – (i) to create the template yourself, or (ii) hire yourself an experienced WordPress consultant to do the conversion for you. The choice is relatively simple, because if you are either totally, or very much, inexperienced at a task like this, do yourself a favour and hire the consultant. Your stress levels will be down and your satisfaction levels up.

BEWARE – if you do think you could cope yourself, ask yourself these two questions first before finally deciding.

  • Do I understand HTML?
  • Do I have a good knowledge of WordPress template tags?

If your answer is either ‘No’ or a qualified ‘Yes’ – get the expert!

You now have the WordPress software installed and configured on your own chosen domain, the time has arrived – you’re actually moving so, on your WordPress Dashboard choose “Tools>Import”

The import page appears and lists for you the various blogging platforms, simply click the particular platform from which you desire to import. Of course there’s a little more detail involved but the whole exercise is relatively simple so just follow the steps. Log into WordPress.org for further instructions if you need them.

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