How to Upgrade your WordPress Plugins

Naturally enough, when you install a plugin, that plugin must be activated (switched on) in WordPress before it can be used. It’s a very simple one-click process which is done inside the WP Dashboard.

Log into the Dashboard – choose Plugins – you must see all the plugins – if you don’t just click the “All” link. Then scroll to the plugin you want to activate, click it (the Activate link appears below the name of your chosen plugin). Once clicked, the plugin pages show a message confirming that your plugin has been activated.

There comes a time (maybe your site is slowing down) when you want to deactivate, remove or change its plugins – don’t panic its easy to do just that with WordPress.

To deactivate is very simple indeed as all you are required to do is to repeat the steps with the exception, this time, of you needing to press the “Deactivate” link instead.

As for removing (uninstalling) plugins – either you may not need it any longer or you have a need (due to speed) to remove some of the plugins from your site. As you’ll find out, if you haven’t already, too many plugins can severely drain your systems resources causing WordPress to be very slow indeed.

Rest assured the Uninstall process is as painless (or even less so) as the Install process.

Just follow these simple steps:

  • Log into your Dashboard, click Plugins
  • Locate the Plugin you wish to uninstall (you need to deactivate before deleting)
  • Click Delete
  • Then click the “Yes, delete these files” button (if you change your mind during the process, simply click the “No” button.

As for Upgrading your plugins (to the new ones developed) – there’s two methods either automatically or manually and in the latest version of WordPress upgrading your plugins is even easier and better than previously has been the case.

  • Log into the Dashboard and click Plugins
  • On the Plugins page scroll to the Plugin that has the words “a new version of this plugin is available” and simply click the Upgrade Automatically link!

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