How to Install WordPress Using Fantastico

Using Fantastico is undeniably the easiest way to install WordPress. The whole process will take less than 3 minutes if you use this function. It requires no file uploads, no database set-up, and little technical knowledge. With a good tutorial, anyone who wants to have his very own WordPress website can install and activate it quickly. So here are the steps:

Log in to cPanel

To log in to cPanel, you must be ready with the username and password which are provided by the host. Once you’re in the home page, you’ll find a variety of functions in cPanel. Look for the “Fantastico” smiley icon which is under the “Software/Services” section. It is located close to the bottom of the page. Click on this icon and choose “WordPress”.

Select “New Installation”

Then, click on the “New Installation” link to set-up WordPress on your site. You will then be prompted to customize the settings. These include:

  • Admin username – you’ll be asked to choose a username. The default username is “admin” but you can enter whatever you want.
  • Password – chose a unique password that is difficult to guess. Ideally, it should include alpha-numeric characters and special characters.
  • Admin nickname – this is the name that will appear as the author on the blog. You can leave it as “admin” or customize it.
  • Admin email – by default, the admin email is set as It is recommended for you to change this to your main email address because it can get confusing once you start setting up more blog sites.

Test If You Can Log in to WordPress Admin

Visit (basically, just add “wp-admin” at the end of your domain name) and enter the admin username and password you created in cPanel. You should be able to log in. If not, revisit cPanel to see if there has been a technical glitch.

Find WordPress Plugins to Install

Each WordPress installation with come with the Akismet plugin, this is a tool that prevents spam from overrunning your new blog site. Once this is installed, the next step is to look for more plugins. Click on the “Add New” button in the plugin section ad start installing the plugins you want. You’ll be asked for the username and password you used in the cPanel access.

The whole process should take 3 minutes or less. Everything is easy and you’ll be prompted to enter the relevant information on Fantastico. After you do these, your site is all set.

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