How to Install a WordPress Plugin

Firstly, some great WordPress Plugins which are especially Featured:

WP Super Cache
Jetpack by
Wickett Twitter Widget

But as we’ve said earlier, there’s just over 10,000 of them all told. Log onto WordPress and check them out.

Let’s assume now that you’ve found a Plugin you really like – they’re really easy to install too if you don’t already know that.

  1. Click on the details link beneath the actual tile of the plugin you wish to install. You’ll see the plugin info window, detailing a description of that plugin.
  2. Click the installation tab to view the particular installation instructions – be sure to read carefully as each plugins installation and activation can differ.
  3. Then go back to the description tab and click the installation now button to install that plugin.
  4. Then check Choose Plugins to verify that your plugin installed successfully.

Not hard is it. BUT every now and then you may have a problem or need to do other things. If you happen to see anything different than a “successful” message you will need to check the support guide on the Plugin information window. Always, always, make note of any error message you see don’t just bypass them.

Its rarely that you will be required to install WP plugins manually but just in case you do we’ll give you a quick summary of the steps. If you subsequently have any problems or are not sure how to proceed you may need to contact your hosting provider.


  1. Download your plugin from the massive WordPress Plugin Directory.
  2. After you have downloaded it of course assess whether its in a zip (of similar compressed file). If it is of course unzip it to access the files.
  3. Now that the plugin is saved to your PC, connect to your server using your own preferred FTP application
  4. Find the “wp-content” folder within your site’s WP installation
  5. Now, in that directory find the ‘Plugins Directory’ and add your plugin to it.

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