Extend WordPress with these Great Plugins

Such great targeted plugins as “Jetpack”, “BuddyPress”, ”WPtouch” or possibly “Twitter Widget”? The list is almost endless so make sure you investigate as many as you can but do start with just a few and build from there.

And whatever you do, particularly those just starting out with their WordPress blogs and/or websites, make sure you have a good look through our “Free Themes Section”. We have a great range to choose from – great graphics and colours, making your blogging set up job easier than easy almost.

“Jetpack” is aptly named, as it supercharges your WordPress site with some very powerful features previously only available to WordPress.com users. Includes an amazing number of features, which most sites could find useful including a Twitter Widget, short links, stats, Share daddy and more coming soon.

Jetpack provides concise stats with no additional load on your server. Easily embedded media links are part of the package, giving access to popular sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.

And your writing will even improve thanks to “After the Deadline”, a simulated intelligence supported, spell, style and grammar checker. Keep an eye on Jetpack because there will be more added in the near future.

Now what about “BuddyPress”? It’s all about social networking in a box. With this plugin you can build a social network for yourself, your own favourite team, your community, your company or your college or children’s school.

BuddyPress does this by letting users register on your site and allowing them to create profiles, post messages, making connections as well as creating and interacting in groups and more

BuddyPress Links (rich media embedding for your BuddyPress powered site), BuddyPress Album (which allows your users to uploads photos and create albums, BuddyPress Profile Privacy, BuddyPress Welcome Pack and BuddyPress Wiki Components.

Try out mobile plugin called WPtouch. WPtouch is a simple, powerful and elegant mobile theme for your websites. It automatically transforms your WordPress blog into an iPhone application. With the admin panel allowing you to customise many of the aspects featured.

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