EasySpace Hosting

visit easyspace hostingWordPress bloggers don’t really need specialised hosting when they are starting out, but as their site grows or they considered adding more blogs, they need a web hosting company that can accommodate their growing sites. EasySpace hosting is a company that specializes in meeting the needs of all their customers from the basic WordPress bloggers to company websites.

Free Domain Name

Every hosting package at EasySpace comes with a free domain name. If you already have your domain and want to transfer your WordPress blog, it’s very easy to do with this company. As well, another important feature this company offers to all websites is free advertising credits with Google Adwords. When you’re just getting your WordPress blog started and you need to get visitors, this will allow you to advertise your site to the world, at not cost. It’s just one more way that EasySpace works to give their customers with the best hosting possible.

When you need to make a decision about where to host your WordPress blog, one of the most important considerations will be the support you get from Customer Service. EasySpace has tech support available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Their tech support is superior, and they work hard to help newcomers to the web hosting environment. They understand that you don’t know all the technical terms and will work with you to help you and answer any questions you have.

One-Click WordPress Install

Another important part of hosting with EasySpace is their automatic installation program. Starting with WordPress this program can immediately install the most up-to-date version of WordPress for you so that you will be online in minutes. They have over 50 applications for you to use, should you need them, and all at no extra charge.

Once you have your WordPress blog up and running you may decide to add other options to it. With no cost to you, you can add a photo gallery or a newsletter, complete with mailing list. Many bloggers also like to have a forum for their visitors. All of this is easy to install automatically and its free. If you’d like to add a shopping cart to your WordPress blog, then EasySpace will give you a free 30 day trial of any of the programs you choose.

EasySpace 100% Uptime

You can also count on EasySpace to have your website online 100% of the time. This is due to their use of Cloud computing. Your website is not hosted on just one server, but a number of them. If one goes down or has problems, your site stays online as the others take over. Having a web hosting company that provides this kind of reliable service is very important no matter how big or small your website may be. Their servers also run the most up-to-date versions of MySQL for databases as well as PHP for running different scripts.

Overall, this is a good web host that offers its customers a lot or reliability as well as a lot of free features. There price structure is good, especially for the new WordPress blogger.

visit easyspace hosting

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