8 WordPress Configuration Tips

Tips to take you to the next level

Tip no. 1 – Don’t limit yourself and the great things WordPress can do for you by being too nervous, scared (whatever you want to call it) to try something new with WordPress – that is to go to the next level.

After all WordPress has a massive range of possibilities for you to experiment with, to create amazing stunning things with – probably quite a deal more than you have ever dreamed of.

So, I’m going to share a number of suggestions with you – and while some wont have all the necessary details you’ll need at least they’ll serve as a tweak to what you could, and should, be doing to get the most out of your WordPress.

TIP no. 2 –  Add an author section to your posts. What’s the point of writing a terrific and eloquent post, maybe called “Why I should be regarded a WordPress Genius” if no one really knows who wrote this masterpiece?

You need to make doubly sure that your author bio is filled out on that all important profile page. You then of course have to add the appropriate code after proceeding to your php file. The important thing is to start the process and claim authorship.

TIP no. 3 – Learn how to Delay RSS Feed Publication – why would you want to do that? Well, that’s easy say you finish a post important to you, you hit publish then a little while later (an hour or two or even the following day) you realise you’ve made a real blooper – and there goes some of your credibility.

But how can you prevent this? How can you save yourself? Well thanks to the WordPress plugin “WPEngineer” there is a solution! Its simply a matter of adding a code to your functions.php file. The full code is lengthy but pretty simply understood

TIP no. 4 – As we all know there are thieves throughout the Internet. Always remember to keep a check on your site at Copyscape.com. Use a hotlink protection method in your htaccess file, which is located in your root directory. BUT make sure you do a backup of your htaccess file before proceeding – don’t think about it when it’s too late.

TIP no. 5 – Split Lengthy Posts into separate pages – We don’t want people jumping off our sites if they get tired of waiting for larger-than-life posts to load – use a tag and split that article into 2, 3 or 4. Whatever it takes to guarantee you keep the people that may not be as interested as others in that particular ambitious post.

TIP no. 6 – Another thing that can slow down your site is the accumulation of a large number of SQL queries on your blog. The first step to know when to lower your queries is to know how many you have in the first place. Seems very obvious but a number of people neglect this ‘housekeeping’ duty.

All you need to do is to paste a particular line of code somewhere on your site – wherever you like.

TIP no. 7 – Take your time developing your posts, particularly when you’re dealing with a new subject. Never type it straight in and post it – always always draft it first, then put it aside, look at it again and then, and only then make any changes and then post.

TIP no. 8 – Make full use of free services (including ones such as Google Analytics) which can be inserted in your WordPress blog, especially those services which can help you track and analyse data and therefore assist you with your marketing effectiveness.

Google Analytics for instance allows you to see and analyse your traffic data, which in turn enables you to assess and adapt your marketing. Its great and not difficult at all to access and implement.

Naturally, the first step is to get yourself the Google Analytics code. Simply visit their site (http://google.com/analytics) – create your Google account (if you don’t already have one), sign in, enter your website info, and go from there – its an easy installation to follow and apply.

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